WA Family Owned and Operated


In a prolonged period of tight retail spending we remain one of the longest running and most successful groups of furniture retailers in Western Australia. In 1981 we began our involvement in the furniture wholesale and retail industry as Pine Warehouse until 1998 when we evolved into At Home Furniture and Homewares.

The new name was a bold move and today the sentiment remains, we want our customers to feel At Home in our stores so they sense what the furniture will look like in their own familiar surroundings.

The success of the At Home group of furniture retailers is founded on the principles of loyalty, trust and respect. 

Our store owners and managers operate hands on and we place great emphasis on family so all our stores are owned and run as family businesses. The group is managed by the owners as a team who bring energy, enthusiasm and passion to every store. 

We operate collectively; we put our heart and soul into our business and we feel and operate like a family At Home.