Timber characteristics


There are two fundamental influences when choosing timber to produce furniture. Firstly, the design should be aligned with the features of the chosen timber. Secondly, the construction method should complement the natural features of the wood.

That is, every single piece of timber ever grown and cut has its own unique fingerprint. We look to match the grain and the density with the type of furniture being constructed and the method being applied.

For example, we prefer to use hardwoods for tables as the timber is stronger than softwoods, it is more durable, it has more aesthetic appeal and is less prone to natural movement.

We seek to use timbers that have inherent stability, easeful machining properties and are able to be readily enhanced with the chosen stain or polish finish. Over time this timber matures and mellows and further enhances its individual appeal.

It is important to remember that timber is a natural product and variations will occur in grain, colour and stain take up. We see knots and other natural characteristics as distinctive features making your piece completely unique so when designing rustic pieces we will seek timbers that can accentuate the look.  

We strive to use Australian timber that has been properly kilned and source appropriate timbers for the design, aesthetic appeal, durability and functionality of the piece we are creating.