Our Design Philosophy

While fashion and personal tastes have changed over the last 30 years, the one constant factor for At Home is our commitment to furniture design and our mission to produce a furniture collection that has an aesthetic appeal, is functional and sustainable to meet your every day requirements.

We are passionate about design and we strive to produce innovative pieces and exciting collections in different timbers and finishes. Focusing on complete collections that flow through your home from the entertaining room to the dining areas. Working hard to balance design, functionality, quality and price in each of our collections.

Because we design the majority of our furniture we are able to move quickly with changing trends. As soon as you see a new At Home collection showcase in our stores we are immediately back to the drawing board working on our next new design.

It is this commitment to in house design that means our customers can claim a level of exclusivity of the product and be proud that they have purchased an At Home piece that is authentically designed and produced.

We are continually travelling the globe in search of inspiration, new ideas and exclusive designs that fit with our design philosophy. So the furniture that we don't design ourselves, you can be assured still meets our rigourous design standards.

We never stop thinking about future designs. We enjoy the challenge of the design concept and love the satisfaction of the end product that we are able to offer our customers.