Leather Characteristics


All At Home Furniture sofas are upholstered in 100% genuine cow hide imported from Italy and Brazil and are available in a variety of different types and grades of leather. 

In some types of leather, natural markings will be evident in the hide giving proof that you have purchased a genuine leather sofa. These natural ‘beauty marks’ are caused by scars, tick bites or skin folds and are dependent upon the type of the leather you have selected and vary from hide to hide.

With At Home Furniture sofas you have the ability to choose your type of leather. If you wish to spoil yourself and enjoy the natural beauty and luxury that only Aniline leather can offer, then you can treat yourself to this exclusive product. 

However, if your home is subjected to the rigors of family life, then we recommend that you choose Corrected Grain leather because of its durability. The choice is yours and our expert staff will guide you through the decision making process.

Aniline Leather

Aniline leather is a top grain leather that has been dyed by immersion in a dye bath and has not received a pigmented finish or been chemically treated. This is the most natural grade of leather. It is known for its natural feel and softness, however, it is also known for its low resistance to sunlight, soiling and staining.

The aniline dyeing process produces a magnificent feeling leather in its most natural form. The dyeing process produces subtle colours which enhance the natural beauty of the different fibre structures in the grain and the various hide marks.

Dye lot variation is most evident in Aniline leathers due to the fact that this leather is in its most natural form and will absorb dye differently within the hide and from hide to hide.

Customers will appreciate the importance of these natural markings, variations in colouring, unique touch and character expected of Aniline leathers.


Semi Aniline Leather

This leather is processed in the same way as Full Aniline. However, the leather has a light colour and finish applied to the surface which reveals the natural characteristics of the hide to a lesser extent and increases the resistance to wear. This process balances out dye and colour irregularities and allows a greater colour range.

Semi Aniline Leather has different finishes to offer:

  • Pull Up Semi Aniline Leather – is a Semi Aniline leather which has an oil or wax finish applied to the top surface to give the leather a different but unique appearance. Pull Up leather will generally scratch and mark more easily; creating a unique and ‘worn in’ look over time. In most cases these marks will lighten when the leather is rubbed. Its properties are similar to Full Aniline, but in places of heavy use the oils will be pushed away leaving lighter areas, particularly on the seating areas.
  • Semi Aniline Leather with Dark Tipping – Semi Aniline leather with the addition of a slightly darker top coat being added to only the tops of the grain, providing a subtle mottling effect.
  • Semi Aniline Leather with Two Tone Effect – The hide is buffed before a very light emboss is added to the grain. A unique finishing process used to provide a two tone effect.
  • Semi Aniline with Hand Buffed Tipping – Semi Aniline leather from which the top surface grain has been removed by hand.
  • Semi Aniline with Light Emboss – Semi Aniline leather which has been lightly embossed to improve the overall appearance. The hides are extra tumbled to achieve improved softness before the protective top coat is added to give a shiny appearance to the finished leather.

Full Grain Leather 

Full Grain leather is supplied in its natural form. It has not been sanded or buffed to remove the natural beauty marks of the hide. It will therefore have slight imperfections such as scarring and grain variations, making each hide unique which is regarded as proof of authenticity and quality.

A protective top coat is then applied giving the leather excellent wearing characteristics, making it highly water resistant, adding protection against scratches and more resistant to fading from light.

Full Grain leather has breathability which is more comfortable in hot and cold weather. It also results in less moisture transfer from prolonged contact.


Corrected Grain Leather

Corrected Grain leather has had the surface of the hide slightly sanded and buffed resulting in the grain being partially removed so blemishes such as branding, tick bites, vein marks are less visible.

The hide is put through a roller to imprint a grain – hence the term ‘Corrected Grain’.

The hide is then drum dyed to ensure that the dye soaks completely through the hide. This gives a more uniform and durable finish. 

A protective top coat is then applied giving the leather excellent wearing characteristics, making it highly water resistant, adding protection against scratches and more resistant to fading from light.


Split Leather

Split leather is of a lesser quality as it is taken not from the top of the hide but from the inner parts of the hide which can be split into multiple layers, depending on the thickness of the hide. An artificial layer is applied and then embossed with a leather grain. 

As Split leather is more fragile, it is used on areas of least wear such as the backs and sides of the sofas.


Bicast Leather

This type of furniture cover was originally designed for use in handbags but has since been adapted for use in furniture for items such as dining chairs. 

Bicast leather is made by using the split leather layer and then giving it a polyurethane gloss finish and embossing it.

At Home Furniture does not supply sofas manufactured in this material as it is mainly suitable for use on dining chairs.