Leather Care


Leather is a natural product and so must be taken care of properly in order to ensure its long lasting good looks. Every physical contact with the sofa releases perspiration, body oils, lotions and so on which naturally rub off from the human body and will in time result in a break down of the leather. Furthermore, the sofa is subjected to the dust and spills of every day life. By following At Home Furniture's Easy Clean Easy Care 2-step process and guidelines, you will be able to ensure that your new leather sofa does not dry out and crack over time.

At Home Furniture promotes an easy 2-step care process that takes the chore out of caring for your leather sofa. Because it is so easy, you will do it on a regular basis and therefore have the satisfaction knowing that your leather sofa is being taken care of properly to sustain the NEW look of your leather sofa. 

  1. 1. Regularly clean your leather sofa with industry approved leather cleaners. We recommend At Home Furniture’s Easy Clean Easy Care All Natural 5 minute Spray N Wipe Leather Cleaner which can be purchased in store. It will clean and protect your leather sofa. This is an all natural product so you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals breaking down the leather. Please follow the instructions on the bottle.
  1. 2. Regularly condition your sofa on a 3 monthly basis to ensure the leather stays moisturized. Leather is just like your skin, it needs to be regularly moisturized to avoid cracking and peeling and to stay feeling soft and supple. We recommend At Home Furniture’s Easy Clean Easy Care Leather Protection Cream to moisturize and condition the leather and to protect the leather by making it more resistant to staining from liquids and other causes. 

Please follow the instructions on the bottle

As well as maintaining your sofa with regular cleaning and moisturizing, here are some useful notes to keep in mind:

  • Please use only industry recommended leather care products, as others may contain chemicals which can damage the leather.
  • Be sure to keep your leather sofa out of contact with direct sunlight and heat as this will have adverse affects on the leather.
  • Be careful with dye transfer. Avoid sitting on your sofa with new unwashed jeans. Also be mindful of sharp objects, buttons on jeans, pet claws as these can easily scratch and mark the leather .
  • Avoid lifting the sofas by its sewn-on cushions as this may cause tear and damage. 
  • Do not sit on the back or arms of your sofa as this can cause undue stress to the frame.
  • The foam used in the seat cushions are high resilient foam suited to the comfort requirements of the Australian market. Foam will give and soften over time and as a general rule, expect the foam to soften by about 30% within the first few months of use. This is to be expected and is not considered a defect of the foam.
  • Leather will give and soften over time and this is expected as it is a natural product.
  • Semi Aniline and Full Aniline leathers will come with the natural beauty marks of the hide, as well as parts of the leather not accepting the dye evenly. This is all part of the natural characteristics of this type of leather and is not a manufacturing fault. It will also scratch and mark more easily than corrected grain leather over the years of use.